How to Play Online Dice With Ether Currency

Ether currency is used on the Ethereum platform. The cryptocurrency is used for a variety of purposes. Most commonly, U.S. residents use the currency to help them place bets at online gambling sites. While it is not illegal to place bets online, it is against the law for a bank to process monies being used for such purposes. So, if you want to play games online using the currency, you are completely safe in doing so. It is time to learn how to use Ether currency to play dice online.

Time to Buy a Wallet

You must buy an Ether wallet before you can play. It is a good idea to spend a bit of time researching the different options because they all offer their own set of pros and cons. Once the Ether wallet is in place, the next step is to choose the dice game site that you want to play. There are many choices out there, but most people agree that idice is one of the best of them all.

Make a Deposit

Time for a deposit of the currency so you can start playing the games that you want to play! The two steps above are the most difficult of all, but with the help of the best sites for you to gamble, a lot of the original frustration is eliminated. The amount of money that you place into the dice game is up to you. Most of the sites do not have any required deposit amount to concern yourself with.


That is all there is to using Ether currency to play at online gambling sites like idice. Just three short and simple steps are all that it takes for you to start playing games and winning money online. No matter who you are or your experience level playing online casinos, it is easy to make the start with Ether and get what you want and need. There are a lot of people who are using the currency as we speak and you should be the next name added to that list.